A Trip Into The Mind Of Trevor

Trevor Travels: New York

Chicago → New York

If you spend an hour and fifty five minutes in the sky, you can get yourself from The Windy City (Chicago) to The City That Never Sleeps (New York). If you spend the rest of your life in NYC, you still won’t discover all it has to offer. However, if you have 2 weeks and a Matterport camera,  you can successfully capture some of the most pristine venues in the world. So, I hopped on a plane to New York, and did just that, here’s what happened.

The Calm Among The Chaos

I became  one of Central Park’s 40 million annual visitors when I stepped inside the 843 acre forest placed smack dab in the middle of New York City. I spent some time marveling at the man made park that took 15 years to build. Walking, running, biking, boating, and driving are just a few methods of making your way through the park, hell, the subway even rides underneath it.

Play Ball

The city of New York has a very rich history, especially when it comes to sports. Growing up a fan of baseball, I had to venture off of Manhattan for a bit to catch a Yankees game and then later a Mets game. Though I wasn’t able to cheer either home team to victory, I did have a chance to indulge in some great ballpark food, which is just as good as a win in my eyes.

The Hustle & Bustle

Despite the trip being mostly all play and very little work, I did manage to make my way into a few premier venues for nearly 40 unique photo shoots, including...

Golf & Body

As a world renowned mini golf professional holding the world record for the most putts through a plastic windmill, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to check out Golf & Body; a golf simulator, fitness gym, and massage parlor all-in-one that offers coaching from former PGA tour professionals. Needless to say, it was a hole in one!

Troy Liquor Bar

After my first stop, I realized I was working way too hard, and had to visit Troy Liquor Bar to shoot a little pool and throw some darts. After embarrassing the locals with my bar game talents, I was kind enough to offer them a 360 tour for their loss. Better luck next time!


Being the history buff that I am, I needed to check out the oldest restaurant in America: Delmonico’s. Located on the southern tip of Manhattan, this steakhouse has hosted patrons by the likes of Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and Charles Dickens, and most famously... me.

Monarch Rooftop

Of course, I couldn’t leave the big city without a high rise glimpse of New York, so I visited my friends at Monarch Rooftop for the best view in town. Watching the sunrise over the beautiful Central Park and gazing at the Empire State Building in all it’s beauty was nothing short of breathtaking.

Lost in the Big City

Like all other millennial’s, I often wake up in a panic and sweat after nightmares of spending a couple minutes without my cell phone. Then once upon a time in New York my phone (aka my very own Mr. Map) broke and left me channeling my inner Kevin McCallister #LostInNewYork. I was even forced to ask another human being for directions….mortifying! Fortunately for me, getting lost, is a great way to explore the city and see places I wouldn’t have otherwise.

Hollywood Is Calling My Name

While roaming the streets of New York, I stumbled upon the filming of an upcoming Julianne Moore film, Wonderstruck, which is currently slated for 2017. After sneaking into makeup and getting into character I was tragically kicked off set. However, conveniently enough, my next stop is Los Angeles, California, so I’ll be sure to pay the cast another visit, I know they miss me!