A Trip Into The Mind Of Trevor

Trevor Travels: San Francisco

Los Angeles → San Francisco

Previously on Trevor Tracker: I lived out my 15 minutes of fame in Hollywood and spent time on the beach working on my tan. Since I was a few days ahead of schedule, I decided to drive up the world renowned Highway 1; a 655 mile road that spans nearly the entire coast of California. This was easily the single greatest road trip I’ve ever been on, filled with gorgeous mountain views and beautiful sunsets. I even made a couple of stops at the Santa Barbara Zoo & Hearst Castle. Finally, I reached The City by the Bay - San Francisco.

Fog City

I arrived in the middle of San Fran’s “winter” season where temperatures can reach a freezing 60°. Needless to say, no winter jacket was needed, something I wish I could say about the winters of my hometown Chicago. Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time was a moment I’ll never forget; with the bridge completely engulfed by smog it was as if I was driving through the clouds.

Hotel Zetta

I now needed a place to stay, so I went on over to Hotel Zetta, assuming they’d have a complimentary rooftop suite waiting for me. Turns out word of my new found celebrity status hadn’t yet made its way to San Fran, so I was out of luck. Since I’m such a nice guy though, I decided to hook them up with a 360 tour anyways, you can check it outhere.

The Mission

The Mission District is one of San Francisco’s older neighborhoods and is loaded with graffiti from extremely talented local artists. The art is the heart and soul of the community and thus is very well preserved. After spending some time taking in all the wonderful work, I made the short drive over to AT&T park to catch a Giants game, and was able to cheer the home team to victory.


At this point in the trip, my suitcase was overflowing with souvenirs and I was in need of some extra storage, so I popped over to Timbuk2’s factory store for the hookup. After taking some time to customize my own backpack I decided to leave them with a 360 tour, which you can view here.

Tourist Season

Towards the end of my San Fran journey, I wanted to squeeze in as many cliche tourist traps as possible. First on my list was a boat tour rounding the bay with stops at the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. The 8,981’ suspension bridge and abandoned island prison are two of the most iconic sites in the United States and were a treat to see up close. I even made a point to visit the Full House house.

Taverna Aventine

No tourists journey is complete without a history lesson, so I had to stop by Taverna Aventine, one of San Francisco’s oldest venues. After entering through their speakeasy back door, I made it to their downstairs parlor which is still held together by the original 150 year old brick wall of the historic Barbary Coast. Before leaving I was sure to capture a 360 tour, which you can checkout here.

The Valley

Located between San Francisco and San Jose is the breeding grounds for thousands of startup companies, Silicon Valley. Not only startups, but also massive corporations like Apple & Google have contributed to the 400,000 jobs created in the valley from 2010 - 2015. After watching the TV show, Silicon Valley, I had to stop by to see what the fuss was all about.

The Arsenal

Inspired by the beautiful graffiti of the Mission District in San Fran, I was craving a lesson in the art of spray painting, so I visited my friends at The Arsenal. The local art supply shop / art gallery also provides workshops for honing your skills. I felt the need to repay them for all their hard work with a 360 tour of the space, you can check it outhere.

Next Stop: Nobody Knows

One of San Francisco’s more common nicknames is “The City”; which seems a bit pretentious at first, but after spending a couple of weeks getting around town, I can confirm it is in fact “THE City”. It’s been so wonderful, I’m not sure if I can bring myself to leave the state of California, but, something tells me it’s time for a new adventure. Where I stop next...who knows. Check back soon to find out where I end up.