A Trip Into The Mind Of Trevor

Trevor Travels: Orlando

Universal Studios

Dallas → Orlando

I traded in my cowboy hat for a cowboy toy (shoutout to Sheriff Woody of Toy Story), and made the trek from Dallas to Orlando to hangout with some of my favorite Disney characters. Despite what anyone might tell you, breakfast with Mickey Mouse and his pals is just as exciting at 25 years old as it was at 5 years old.


After getting into town I made a stop at the new Ritz Carlton in Orlando for a round of golf. After coming in under par, as expected, I stopped inside the hotel for some fine dining at Norman’s. You can check out the venue in virtual 360 fashion and book your next event mixing mojitos here.

Eye drive

Near the Orange County Convention Center, Central Florida’s largest convention center, is the infamous I-Drive. The mini strip is full of tourist hot spots, fine dining, and nightlife. They’ve even recently added a 400 foot ferris wheel, called The Eye of Orlando, the perfect way to take in the Florida sunset.

Minus 5

Typically a Chicagoan visiting Orlando means an escape from the cold weather, but in the case of doing a 360 tour at Minus 5 bar it meant I couldn’t leave the winter jacket at home. This ice bar is a great place to cool off from the Florida heat while enjoying some of their specialty drinks. You can take a trip inside the winter wonderland here, but you’ll need to book your event in order to experience it for yourself.

The Happiest Place In The World

Or the scariest depending on when you go! When I went to Universal Studios in Orlando I was expecting to see what’s going on behind the scenes at the hottest film sets, but instead was greeted by the frightening characters of Halloween Horror Nights. Walking through a real life American Horror Story and The Walking Dead experience was quite the treat!


Of course a trip to Disney World isn’t complete until you sneak in some game time, so I made on final pit stop at Dewey’s Indoor Golf for a round of drinks and a round of virtual golf. To see a virtual tour of the space and book your next interactive event, check out the 360 tour here.

Next Stop: Austin

I loved my last trip to Texas so much, that it’s time to head back. This time I’ll be visiting the state capitol, and more famously the music capitol of the world, Austin, TX. Stay tuned for another adventure to the lone star state certain to be full of brewery tours and taco trucks. Also, don’t forget to visit Kapow.com for all of your event needs now and in the future!