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Trevor Travels: Miami

Miami Beach

Las Vegas → Miami

My trip to Vegas might technically be over, but it’s not really, because my next stop is another party city: Miami. Great weather, great people, and great beaches, who more could I ask for? Cuban food, I could ask for Cuban food...well, I mean I did ask for Cuban food. While there are a lot of great restaurants in the area, the side of a truck will always be my favorite way to order food. While I was in town I figured I might as well stop by some of my favorite Kapow partners and create a virtual tour of their spaces.

Marine Layer

There’s nothing I love more than an ultra soft tee, and Marine Layer, a San Francisco based clothing brand, takes pride in having the softest ones around. With locations all around the country, I couldn’t help but pop into their new Miami location and check out what the latest styles are. You can wander through the store yourself in the virtual tour of the space here. While you’re at it, stay up to date with the latest trend in corporate events (retail) and reserve the space today. Next time your clients throw on their ultra soft tee, they’ll be thinking of you!


I would say that Miami has a lot of beaches, but Miami basically is just one giant beach, so it goes without saying that I spent a fair share of time beach bumin’. I’ve always loved watching the sunrise, but there’s something about watching it rise over the ocean that makes it extra special. I’m happy to report that watching the sunrise from Miami’s beachfront did not disappoint. Also, just for the record, I build a pretty mean sand castle.

Mango’s Tropical Cafe

There’s nowhere that pulls together the Miami lifestyle quite like Mango’s Tropical Cafe located on south beach. Between the Latin dancing shows, exotic drinks and Florribean (Floridian & Caribbean) food they’ve got it all. Located literally steps from the beach this party spot has 5 bars spread out amongst their two massive floors. Oh and did I mention they have a dance floor? You can take a tour of their space and book a cocktail reception dance party here.


Nothing gets me quite as excited as a trip to a national park and the Miami area has one of the most unique in the entire country; the Florida Everglades, a 1.5 million acre batch of wetlands, plays host to some deathly terrifying creatures like crocodiles, pythons, recluse spiders, and even a rare bull shark sighting. Naturally, I had to see it for myself so I booked me an airboat tour through the glades and ended up wrestlin’ a croc. Obviously, I won!

Yardbird Southern Table

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in all of my travels across the country it’s that there’s no denying the power of some good southern comfort food, and Miami is no exception. I mean come on, who doesn’t feel welcomed after getting served up a steaming hot plate of buttermilk biscuits? Or maybe some classic chicken and waffles? Well, when I made a stop to see my friends at Yardbird Southern Table they gave me all the foods, so I gave them a virtual tour of their space. Book your next corporate event at their space to try some of their delicious cuisine for yourself

Next Stop: Seattle

Next up is Seattle, WA, one of the only major US cities I’ve yet to visit. I’m hoping to get my hippie on and spend some time in national parks surrounding the city. I also have the plan to gain 1 or 2 or 10 pounds from eating all the salmon Seattle has to offer. Stay tuned for the update on my adventures and be sure to visit Kapow.com for all of your client entertainment, team building and holiday party needs.