A Trip Into The Mind Of Trevor

Trevor Travels: Washington D.C.

Washington Monument.jpg

Houston → D.C.

My last travel update left ended on the notion of going from the warmth of Houston, TX back to the bitter cold winter of Chicago. I’ve rested up and ready for the next adventure to Washington D.C., just in time for changing of the guard at the white house. Even though I wasn’t elected as the new President of the United States, I couldn’t make a trip to D.C. without sneaking into the oval office for a quick selfie. In between my tomfoolery, I made some time to visit some wonderful venue partners and hook them up with a 360 tour.


A hidden gem off 17th street in D.C. is one of my favorite spots, Pansaari. Want to kick back, relax, and sip some chai? Check. Interested in learning how to prep some delicious and healthy meals traditional in India? Check. And of course, they have a fantastic event space, which you can check out here. You won’t find a more cozy spot to host your next group!

Smithsonian Institution

Washington D.C. has a ton of history, both on the streets and in the museums. Most famous are the city’s 19 completely free Smithsonian Museums, which include the Free Art Gallery, the Air and Space Museum, and even the National Zoological Park. Originally I was going to get a bunch of 360 scans for venue partners, but decided instead to make it my mission to visit all 19 museums. While I did fall short of my goal, I was able to get 7 different museums and in turn cash in on a little free education.

The Gibson

D.C. certainly has a lot of history being on the east coast and features are number of prohibition style bars and speakeasies. One of my favorites, The Gibson, has started doing an Omakase menu which allows you to fill out your flavor profile and work with the mixologist for some delicious drinks made specific for you. When you inevitably get hooked on mixology, you’ll need to come back for a mixology demo with one of their talented instructors. Check out what else The Gibson has to offer in this video.

Soaking In The City

Although D.C.’s winter is supposed to be on the more mild side, I just happened to catch it in a bad mood. With some snowfall and average temperatures in the 20s, I certainly did a poor job of escaping the Chicago cold for a little while. Despite the cold temps, I had had to get outside, roam the city, and check out some of the beautiful architecture of the city. The city is most known for its Neoclassical architectural style (seen very clearly in the White House) which has great Roman influence and features tall columns.


One of my favorite restaurant groups around is the Boulud Restaurant Group. Outstanding chef and founder of the group, Daniel Boulud has 9 top selling cookbooks, multiple James Beard Foundation awards and 15 beautiful restaurants around the world. A pretty impressive resume if I do say so myself. So, I couldn’t help but stop by DBGB Kitchen and Bar in D.C. while I was in town to hook them up with a 360 tour. You can take your own virtual tour of the space here and book your next private dinner with them at Kapow.com.

Next Stop: Atlanta

Next up I’ll be heading down south to the peach state so I can spend some time in Atlanta. I’m prepping myself for some more delicious southern hospitality and cooking. I might even make it in the Hall of Fame...like inside the College Football Hall of Fame, as a visitor. Stay tuned for another update on my travels and be sure to book your next corporate event at Kapow.com.