A Trip Into The Mind Of Trevor

Trevor Travels: Phoenix

Philadelphia → Phoenix

While I have very much enjoyed my extended time on the east coast, it’s time to mix things up and get back out west, I just miss the mountains too much! This time I’m making a stop in the greater Phoenix area. This section of the wild west is filled with sand, great venues ready for a 360 tour, and baseball fields… a lot of baseball fields. Which can mean only one thing, the return of my stadium tour just in time for Spring Training to kick off.

Clayton on the Park

In the heart of Old Town Scottsdale lies a beautiful modern venue, The Clayton on the Park. This two story venue comes complete with a outdoor patio making it a great place to host your next large event. Take a tour of the space HERE and be sure to reserve a spot for your next corporate event. 

Spring Training

Growing up a die hard Cubs fan and an equally passionate fan of nice weather and mountains, you’d think Spring Training in Arizona were a annual trip for me, but I had surprisingly never been before. Finally, I can check it off the bucketlist, and since I made it all the way out to the game, I couldn’t just settle for being a fan in the stands. So, I threw on my old little league uniform (just a tad snug) and offered to bat cleanup for Joe Maddon’s Cubs. Sadly he declined which means you won’t be seeing me make my major league debut anytime soon.

The Ostrich

Just a few miles south is the beautiful city of Chandler, home of venue partner The Ostrich. Located in the forgotten basement tunnels of the haunted San Marcos hotel, this 100 year old bar features delicious cocktails and ridiculous celebrity mugshots. Take a spin through the space yourself and host your next event there by visiting their experience listing on  Kapow.com.

Mountain Sunrise, and Sunset

The only thing better than watching the sunrise during a peaceful morning in the great outdoors, is watching it set. Naturally, I did both. I may not be a morning person, but waking up in the middle of the night to climb Camelback Mountain in order to reach the summit and see the sunrise over the Phoenix mountains was more than worth it. I then followed up with a sunset in South Mountain Park, which was quite the encore presentation. I must say, the outdoor life that Phoenix has to offer does not disappoint. 

G Collection Cars

I may not know how to change the oil in my car, but I consider myself a fan of the vintage American muscle car. G Collection Cars is the perfect place to take in some vintage cars while enjoying cocktails. Not to mention they have a built in arcade and private movie theater, making it the perfect place to host a large event. You can take a walk through the venue and book your next corporate event there HERE.

Next Stop: Las Vegas

Unfortunately my time in Phoenix is done, but I’m not finished in the desert just yet. I’m making the short drive up north to the most mysterious city I’ve visited so far… Las Vegas. Sin City. I’ve got some exciting 360 tours on the slate, which will hopefully distract me from the casinos and give me the strength to avoid a major blow to the wallet. Stayed tuned for some sure to be wild adventures. Be sure to visit Kapow.com for all of your corporate event needs!