A Trip Into The Mind Of Trevor

Trevor Travels: Las Vegas

Phoenix → Las Vegas

The southwest has been so nice to me so far, I just can’t leave yet! Phoenix has been a very laid back trip, but it’s time to unleash my wild side in Las Vegas. Sin Cities claim to fame is vibrant nightlife and a 4 miles strip full of 24-hour casinos,  most definitely a recipe for success! If I can pull myself to take a break from all the partying at some point, I might even try to squeeze in some 360 tours.

Sun Buggy Fun Rental

Ever since seeing the revival of Mad Max back in 2015 I’ve had a strange desire to paint my chest and drive into battle on top of a car screaming war chants. Since this is neither recommended nor possible, I decided to take a dune buggy ride in the desert instead. My friends over at Sun Buggy Fun Rental got me caught up to speed and racing around on the tracks in no time. You can get an inside look into my adventure here. If you’re looking for a thrilling experience in a unique environment, this is the perfect spot for your next corporate event!

Risk It For The Biscuit

One of the most exciting things about visiting Las Vegas is that it doesn’t matter if you’re at a casino, a restaurant, a gas station or on the toilet, you can blow your kids college fund anywhere, anytime. Hell, with the addition of casinos inside the Airport, you have the potential to lose your life savings without even stepping foot outside, now that’s efficiency! For me however, gambling is different, I never lose (except for when I do). So naturally I threw down a little coin on roulette, which took about 7 minutes to lose and set me off on the walk of shame...to the ATM. Let’s just say I spent more time in the process of getting money out of the ATM than I did playing #RoughNight.

Andiron Steak & Sea

There might not be an ocean within 300 miles of Vegas, but that hasn’t stopped Andiron Steak & Sea from creating some of the best seafood around. They even won the Eater Las Vegas Restaurant of the Year award! Personally I’m more of a steak guy, so I had them whip up their famous 8 oz. filet and it was to die for. In an attempt to return the favor, I hooked them up with a virtual tour of the space, which you can check out for yourself here. After you take the tour, don’t forget to reserve a spot for your next corporate event by booking a chef-presented dinner.

Gold Strike Hot Springs

After a short time, the free drinks and air conditioning blasting in my face to keep me awake began to suck the life out of me and I needed a change of scenery. It had also been awhile since I’ve had a chance to break out of the concrete jungle and do a little hiking, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit the Gold Strike Hot Springs. The narrow, 4.5 mile trail full of rock climbing obstacles and hot springs eventually opens up into the Colorado River. The hike was glorious, but left me in need of a beer.

Banger Brewing

Conveniently enough, my next 360 tour stop of the trip just happened to be a brewery: Banger Brewing. Located on the old Fremont Strip. This brewery founded by 5 best friends and Las Vegas natives definitely knows how to make a traveler feel at home, their beer passes the smell test too! You can take a virtual tour of their space and book an event (complete with a brewery tour) with them here.

Next Stop: Miami

As great as the dry heat of the west coast has been, I deeply miss the disgustingly hot and sticky summers in the humid  southeast part of the country. That can only mean one thing: a trip to Miami; one of the dampest cities in the US. On the to do list is wrestle a gator and eat enough Cuban food to last me a lifetime, maybe some 360 tours too. Stay tuned for the latest update on my adventures, and in the meantime, visit Kapow.com to book your next event!