A Trip Into The Mind Of Trevor

The Power of Video


If you’re an avid scroller on the good ole’ social media, you’ve probably noticed the fastest growing trend across all platforms, video. YouTube, the largest library of video in the world, is also the second largest search engine on the internet behind only Google. On average, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute and over 5 billion of their videos are watched daily. Instagram and Twitter, apps created exclusively for photos and 140-character thoughts respectively, have not only allowed users to start creating video, but have continued to improve the tool over time. Video in Facebook posts has increased 94% annually over years and they recently started running ads on videos to help support creators. No matter what stats you look at, they all draw the same conclusion: the fastest growing and most engaging piece of content is video.

See It In Action

Text is a great way to share your thoughts, but often leads the reader wanting more. Photography provides the benefit of a visual aid, but is still and one dimensional. Video on the other hand, allows you to give your thoughts and ideas life. Video is more efficient, it’s more exciting, and it’s more creative. Seeing something in action provides so much more detail and context than seeing something frozen in time. The term motion picture comes from the fact that you’re literally showing 1,800 photos every 1 minute (double or triple that if it’s slow motion) which will spark a much strong reaction from the viewer. How does that saying go again?...”seeing is believing”!

Talk To Your Customers

With video you also have the added element of audio which allows for you to add music and sound effects in order to set the mood. You also have the option to talk to directly to your audience and make them feel as if they’re part of the conversation. This additional component can be so vital for engaging the viewer by asking them questions or giving them a call to action instead of relying on text or graphics to provoke a response from the viewer. Remember this piece is just as important, if not more important, than your visuals, so don’t neglect it.

Work With What You Got

Everyone’s project is going to come with a different budget. For some it may be big enough to hire a production company, others may only include the funds for a small camera to complete the project internally, and there’s a chance you may have zero budget with no choice but to use your mobile phone. Sure the quality will vary depending on your budget, but the message can be successful regardless of cost; story is the most important element of any video and nobody knows your story better than you.

No matter what you’re trying to accomplish for your business, video can help. Use video to share with customers all the exciting things you’ve been working hard on, use it to engage your customers, and make video work with your budget. There’s no better time than now to jump into the world of motion picture video and start sharing with the world, so go out there and create something great!