A Trip Into The Mind Of Trevor

Trevor Travels: Seattle

Space Needle

Miami → Seattle

Some time has passed since my last venture, but it’s time to hit the road again. This time to the northwestern most part of the contiguous United States, Seattle, WA. For quite some time now this trip has been at the top of my wish list and I couldn’t be more excited to check out the space needle, the music and art scenes, and some of Kapow’s most unique venue partners!

Copperworks Distilling

Nestled comfortably right along the shoreline of downtown Seattle is a beautiful, rustic distilling company, Copperworks. The location operates as a tasting room, a retail store, and a fully operational distillery.Their spirits (vodka, gin and whisky) specialize in premium malted barley primarily grown in the local Washington state area. From the tasting room you have a wonderful view of both the distillery and the shoreline. Take a virtual tour of the space for yourself here and check out my conversation with their Vice President, Jeff, here.

Pike’s Place Market

Without question of the most highly recommended attractions in the city is Pike’s Place Market. With over 70 authentic Seattle restaurants and food stalls, there’s a treat for everyone to enjoy. Beyond the world of food, the market also has nearly 200 additional mom and pop “shops” that range from antique stores and tattoo artists to the world of acupuncture; I wasn’t kidding when I said there was a treat for everyone! No matter how much or little time you spend in Seattle, your trip can’t be completed without a stop or two at the market.

Seattle Glassblowing Studio

A staple in every Kapow market is a fun, hands-on activity: glassblowing, and Seattle is no exception to the rule. Seattle Glassblowing Studio boasts a beautiful two room gallery, a large studio space, and even on-site food and drink. The studio is also located in prime position in downtown Seattle, whereas most other glassblowing studios are located away from the hustle and bustle. You can take your own walk through the space here and listen in on my chat with events manager, Sarah, here.

Rain Rain Go Away...

...come another another day. The only stigma I I’ve heard of Seattle carrying is the dreaded rain; I’ve heard nightmare stories of the months without sun. Fortunately for me, I caught the city in a good mood which only showered me with rays of sunshine! During my trip I also learned that cities like New York, Miami, Boston and others, actually receive more rain per year on a volume basis. Where Seattle takes the cake is the number of rainy days per year, 158 on average.

Columbia Sportswear

It’s no secret Seattle is surrounded by some of the most spectacular outdoor sceneries in all of the US, so I decided to stop by one of Kapow’s newest national retail partnerships, Columbia Sportswear. This two story store is located in the heart of downtown and even has its own private event space. Take a spin through the space yourself here and book your next corporate event in real time.

Next Stop: Denver

My first trip to Seattle was a huge success; from the unique venues, delicious chowder, perfect weather, and beautiful skyline views. I even had a chance to see a favorite band of mine, the Eagles, play a live show at Safeco Field. While I’m sad to leave this beautiful place, I’m excited for my next adventure in a city I’m very familiar with, Denver, CO. Stay tuned for a update on my trip to the mile high city!